As the oldest car company in Apeldoorn, Van Burik commercial vehicles is still in the hands of the original owners' family. Founded in 1925, Van Burik was one of the few to specialize in commercial vehicles in the 1980s. We offer commercial vehicles up to 3.5 metric tons, which may be driven with a regular driving licence. We obtain our stock directly from dealers and 90% have had only one previous owner. As soon as we receive a car, we perform a thorough check-up. Technical issues are fixed in our garage by our own specialists.

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Always up to date

When we receive a new car, we place it on our website (same day). Once sold, it is removed from the website within 30 minutes so you can always rely on our site�s content.

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meer dan 90 jaar

Van Burik BV has been a household name in the world of commercial vehicles for 90 years. Our experience and our large stock are at your service. | Telefoon: +31(0)55 521 3318 | Email: stuur ons een e-mail | Adres: Spoorstraat 37, Apeldoorn
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